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For over 40 years Robert has been on a quest to find the inner-architecture to successful cooperation between humans and organizations.

It began after Vietnam when Robert was assigned to the U.S. Navy’s special unit that sought to develop stronger teamwork between officers and enlisted personnel. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Organization Behavior at Harvard, Robert spent a decade as an entrepreneur, launching several successful companies. 

In 1985 his focus returned to the quest, developing the ground-breaking system designs for strategic alliances.   

This deep inquiry then progressed over the next two decades to:

  • understanding the source-code of collaborative innovation,
  • collaboration’s impact on competitive advantage,

    Robert’s depth of field in history, linked with his visionary insights bring the wisdom of the ages and the dynamism of possibility into transforming
    the present

  • transforming conflict into creativity,
  • neuro-chemistry of cooperation,
  • lowering risk in highly complex projects,
  • economics of trust,
  • essence of human behavior,
  • inner dynamics of high performance teams,
  • spiritual vitality of synergy,
  • maximizing value creation, and more....

Robert’s life-long Quest
has resulted in an ability
 to find simplicity on the
far side of complexity,
and unity in diversity.

These elements  have come together into a very simple system:
the Four Alignments
the “E=mc2 of Organization & Leadership”

  • NexGen Thinking
  • Precision Application
  • Powerful Results

We know, with a very high level of certainty, most organizations can attain a
25% Increase in Competitive Advantage
using the insights, architectures, strategies, and methods Robert has discovered and refined.

Robert’s deep wisdom is available only to organizations, senior executives, alliances, and boards committed to excellence, ethical standards, and willing to invest in its people.

Foundation of Collaboration

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