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Collaborative Leadership is so important, I have devoted a significant amount of time establishing a Leadership Institute devoted to Collaboration.
see: International Collaborative Leadership Institute

Many of the Capability Building programs formerly delivered by the Warren Company (which will be devoted primarily to consulting as of 2017).

We continue to develop more breakthroughs in understanding collaborative systems.

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It takes just 15 minutes to grasp the breakthrough basics of Leadership and High Performance Organizations with the “Power of Four”

  • the 4 Drives of Human Behavior
  • the 4 Organizational Cultures

  • the 4 Alignment of Leadership

Chess, Next MoveIn this rapidly changing world, without clear leadership,
strategy is doomed to failure.

As the old adage from Alice in Wonderland goes,
 “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”

The great maharishi of all yogis -- Yogi Berra -- said it just as well,
“If you don’t know where you’re goin’, you’ll end up someplace else”

Strategic direction is not just the issue. Understanding the competition and the very challenging nature of the Global Arena is absolutely essential. Most of our strategic assignments are highly confidential. However, suffice to say that the information we have garnered for our clients has saved them billions of dollars. It is worth the time and money to know what the right move needs to be in the future, and who will be the best partner in the future.

  • We give our clients critical strategic alerts if a competitor or potential partner will imperil your future.
  • We make collaborative innovation a strategic initiative across the value chain, not just an internal tactical process
  • We conduct War Gaming, Scenario Mapping, and Value Migration Analysis to position our clients for a future win.
  • We see Collaborative Innovation across organizational boundaries as a Competitive Advantage.
  • We help make Acquisitions successful and avoid the Synergy Myths.

Time is MoneyBeware:

  • Challenge without Opportunity
  • Desire without Dream
  • Drive without Destiny
  • Gap between what’s possible and what’s really happening


Synergistic Leadership is not focused strictly on the Leader -- it’s about getting teams to align and create together, getting differences to become additive, to join collaboratively in an organizational “symphony” integrating harmony, melody, rhythm, beat, counter-point -- each individual’s special personal nature -- their “instruments” that can make real music, not just a lot of noise.

It’s about Inspiration, Vision of a Noble Cause, Innovation, and building a System of Trust that unleashes and focuses human energy.

The Revelation about Synergy is that it is, in the final analysis, about “Aligned Energy.”

The only way to align energy to build a powerful Architecture of Trust. To learn more, see Trusted to Lead for the breakthrough that will change your life -- and enable you to build a world you can trust.

Synergy is “Aligned Energy.”

When a leader understands how to align differentiated skills, thinking, and the driving forces of human behavior, then the potential of achieving a “Symphony of Synergies” comes within reach.

Great Leaders:

Leverage to Shift the World

Mind “MAAPS” are the framework through which the brain registers new ideas. Great Leaders communicate through these frameworks, which make their messages powerful. (think of Ronald Reagan as a great Mind MAAPS speaker:

  • Metrics -- something measurable & simple
  • Architecture -- the big picture design
  • Action -- what is actually happening or will happen
  • Pictures -- a visual representation of something
  • Stories -- a verbal illustration in emotional terms

Learn more about Mind MAAPS


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