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  • Leadership and the Structure of Trust®
    by Robert Porter Lynch, Paul Lawrence, (downloadable PDF)
    (feature article in the May-June edition of European Business Review)
  • Trust Deficit -- Advice from the Founding Fathers
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • 12 Actions to Create Trust -- for framing & handout (downloadable PDF)
  • Architecture of Trust®
    Presentation of Key Elements (downloadable PDF)
  • Future Pathway for Mega-Projects -- the breakthrough in understanding how trust and collaboration creates an 8-times advantage in coming in on-time & on-budget, with potential cost saving of billions: co-authored with Professor George Jergeas. (downloadable PDF).

 Warren Company White Papers

 For Collaborative Innovation

  • Architecture of Innovation -- Presentation of Key Elements
    (downloadable PDF file)
  • Synergy & Synchronicity
    by Robert Porter Lynch(downloadable PDF file)
  • How the Greeks created the World’s First Age of Innovation
    by Robert Porter Lynch & Ninon Prozonic
  • The Champion of Innovation
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Four Critical Skills for Managing High Performance Innovation Alliances
    by Robert Porter Lynch
    (Chapter from Duysters, de Man, & Vasudevan, The Allianced Enterprise (downloadable PDF File)
  • Innovation, Synergy, & the Economics of Abundance
    -- Thoughts by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Innovation’s Critical Weak Link
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Collaboation is the Key to Continuous Improvement
    by Gary Loblick (downloadable PDF)

 For Strategic Alliances

  • How to Foster Champions
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file) Chapter from Peter Drucker, Leading Beyond the Walls
  • Business Alliances, The Hidden Competitive Weapon
    by Robert Porter Lynch (published by John Wiley & Sons available in books stores
    or call 401-640-1166 )
  • Strategic Alliance Best Process Workbook
    by Robert Porter Lynch (published by Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals)
    (downloadable PDF Contents and Introduction only -- full version available for purchase)
  • Letter to Strategic Alliance Professionals after the 911 Attack
    by Robert Porter Lynch, ASAP Chairman
  • Joint Ventures -- Introduction by Robert Porter Lynch
    (First Chapter from Joint Ventures, Business Strategies for Accountants,
    published by John Wiley & Sons)
  • Notes on the Law of Compounding Risk
    Understanding how to handle complex interfaces (downloadable PDF file)
  • REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS -- Take Your Strategic Alliances to the Next Level
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)

 For Employee-Owned Companies

  • Unlock the Creative Genius
    by Martin Staubus and Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Building a System of Trust in Employee owned companies
    by Martin Staubus and Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Employee Ownership as an Engine of Innovation
    Webinar Presentation by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

 For Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing

  • What you Need to Know about Process Innovation & Total Cost of Ownership
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • CEO’s Pocket Guide to Outsourcing -- Critical Architectures and Senior Level Advice
    (email The Warren Company or call 401-640-1166 to request a free copy)
  • Best Practices Practicioners Guide to Strategic Outsourcing
    by Robert Porter Lynch and the Warren Company Team. (this Guide will provide the Practitioner with top-notch advice on how to outsource major Business Process functions, such as IT, Finance & Accounting, HR, Manufacturing, etc.) $65 (email The Warren Company or call 401-640-1166 to request a copy)
  • Beyond Win-Win and the Myths of Win-Lose
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Unleashing the Innovative Power of Suppliers
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Cooperation Brings Profitability
    by Robert Porter Lynch -- published in Supply Management, Dec 2007
  • Creating Competitive Advantage with your Supply Chain
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Innovative Power of Value Networks
    by Simon Croom and Robert Porter Lynch
    Published in International Purchasing and Supply Research Association, Bath, England, April , 2007

 For Growing Small Business

  • In the Trenches with the Venture Capitalist
    edited by Robert Porter Lynch -- An Oldie but Goodie (downloadable PDF)
  • Being an Entrepreneur -- The Real Truth about Success & Failure
    by Robert Porter Lynch and Todd Welch (downloadable PDF)

 For History & Character Building

 Responding to the Economic Crisis

  • Responding to the Financial Crisis
  • Gold Illusion and the Wall Street Meltdown
  • Historic Delusions about Free Markets
  • Collaborative Commerce and the Future of Capitalism
    by Robert Porter Lynch & Todd Welch (from forthcoming book on Cooperative Entrepreneurship)
  • Detroit Bailout -- Think Twice
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Making Detroit Competitive Again
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Detroit’s Demise Stems from Flawed Supplier Relationships
    by Dr. David Burt and Robert Porter Lynch
  • Thriving the Economic Earthquake -- Creating Competitive Advantage with your Supply Chain
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

 Reflections on Hurricane Irma

 Guiding Principles of My Parents (their inner spirit)

 Thomas Edison’s Impact on My Life - 1940s movie

 Insights on Love

  • Splendored Love -- by Robert Porter Lynch -- of all the words in the English language, “love” is perhaps both the richest in meaning and the most confounding. This piece explores and reframes love to take advantage of its multiple meanings and dimensions

 Interesting Stories

 Future of Education

  • Education on the Edge by Robert Porter Lynch -- Letter to the President of Harvard University on the selection of a New Dean of Education to lead education back to the future.

 War Stories

Foundation of Collaboration

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