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  • Leadership and the Structure of Trust®
    by Robert Porter Lynch, Paul Lawrence, (downloadable PDF)
    (feature article in the May-June edition of European Business Review)
  • Trust Deficit -- Advice from the Founding Fathers
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • 12 Actions to Create Trust -- for framing & handout (downloadable PDF)
  • Architecture of Trust®
    Presentation of Key Elements (downloadable PDF)
  • Future Pathway for Mega-Projects -- the breakthrough in understanding how trust and collaboration creates an 8-times advantage in coming in on-time & on-budget, with potential cost saving of billions: co-authored with Professor George Jergeas. (downloadable PDF).

 Warren Company White Papers

 For Collaborative Innovation

  • Architecture of Innovation -- Presentation of Key Elements
    (downloadable PDF file)
  • Synergy & Synchronicity
    by Robert Porter Lynch(downloadable PDF file)
  • How the Greeks created the World’s First Age of Innovation
    by Robert Porter Lynch & Ninon Prozonic
  • The Champion of Innovation
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Four Critical Skills for Managing High Performance Innovation Alliances
    by Robert Porter Lynch
    (Chapter from Duysters, de Man, & Vasudevan, The Allianced Enterprise (downloadable PDF File)
  • Innovation, Synergy, & the Economics of Abundance
    -- Thoughts by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Innovation’s Critical Weak Link
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Collaboation is the Key to Continuous Improvement
    by Gary Loblick (downloadable PDF)

 For Strategic Alliances

  • How to Foster Champions
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file) Chapter from Peter Drucker, Leading Beyond the Walls
  • Business Alliances, The Hidden Competitive Weapon
    by Robert Porter Lynch (published by John Wiley & Sons available in books stores
    or call 401-640-1166 )
  • Strategic Alliance Best Process Workbook
    by Robert Porter Lynch (published by Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals)
    (downloadable PDF Contents and Introduction only -- full version available for purchase)
  • Letter to Strategic Alliance Professionals after the 911 Attack
    by Robert Porter Lynch, ASAP Chairman
  • Joint Ventures -- Introduction by Robert Porter Lynch
    (First Chapter from Joint Ventures, Business Strategies for Accountants,
    published by John Wiley & Sons)
  • Notes on the Law of Compounding Risk
    Understanding how to handle complex interfaces (downloadable PDF file)
  • REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS -- Take Your Strategic Alliances to the Next Level
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)

 For Employee-Owned Companies

  • Unlock the Creative Genius
    by Martin Staubus and Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Building a System of Trust in Employee owned companies
    by Martin Staubus and Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Employee Ownership as an Engine of Innovation
    Webinar Presentation by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

 For Supply Chain Management and Outsourcing

  • What you Need to Know about Process Innovation & Total Cost of Ownership
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • CEO’s Pocket Guide to Outsourcing -- Critical Architectures and Senior Level Advice
    (email The Warren Company or call 401-640-1166 to request a free copy)
  • Best Practices Practicioners Guide to Strategic Outsourcing
    by Robert Porter Lynch and the Warren Company Team. (this Guide will provide the Practitioner with top-notch advice on how to outsource major Business Process functions, such as IT, Finance & Accounting, HR, Manufacturing, etc.) $65 (email The Warren Company or call 401-640-1166 to request a copy)
  • Beyond Win-Win and the Myths of Win-Lose
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Unleashing the Innovative Power of Suppliers
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF file)
  • Cooperation Brings Profitability
    by Robert Porter Lynch -- published in Supply Management, Dec 2007
  • Creating Competitive Advantage with your Supply Chain
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)
  • Innovative Power of Value Networks
    by Simon Croom and Robert Porter Lynch
    Published in International Purchasing and Supply Research Association, Bath, England, April , 2007

 For Growing Small Business

  • In the Trenches with the Venture Capitalist
    edited by Robert Porter Lynch -- An Oldie but Goodie (downloadable PDF)
  • Being an Entrepreneur -- The Real Truth about Success & Failure
    by Robert Porter Lynch and Todd Welch (downloadable PDF)

 For History & Character Building

 Responding to the Economic Crisis

  • Responding to the Financial Crisis
  • Gold Illusion and the Wall Street Meltdown
  • Historic Delusions about Free Markets
  • Collaborative Commerce and the Future of Capitalism
    by Robert Porter Lynch & Todd Welch (from forthcoming book on Cooperative Entrepreneurship)
  • Detroit Bailout -- Think Twice
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Making Detroit Competitive Again
    by Robert Porter Lynch
  • Detroit’s Demise Stems from Flawed Supplier Relationships
    by Dr. David Burt and Robert Porter Lynch
  • Thriving the Economic Earthquake -- Creating Competitive Advantage with your Supply Chain
    by Robert Porter Lynch (downloadable PDF)

 Reflections on Hurricane Irma

 Guiding Principles of My Parents (their inner spirit)

Foundation of Collaboration

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