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Speaking to Your Organization

Robert has spoken to thousands of people across the world bringing the strategies and spirit of cooperation to life. Where ever people interact, alignment & trust are the key issues.


Here are a few of the topics Robert is fond of addressing (listed alphabetically):Collaborative System

    • Building Trust & Teamwork
    • Collaborative Business Strategies
    • Collaborative Community Development
    • Collaborative Contracting
    • Collaborative Entrepreneurship
    • Collaborative Innovation
    • Collaborative Leadership
    • Collaborative Visioning & Planning
    • Collaborative Negotiations
    • Complexity in Project Management
    • Designing Game-Changing Breakthroughs
    • Economics of Trust
    • High Performance Teamwork
    • How to Create a 25% Competitive Advantage
    • Managing Value Networks & Eco-Systems
    • Organizational Transformation

      America’s institutions are in serious trouble as our nation loses trust in its leadership.

      Robert addresses what’s wrong and what we must do about it.

      (see Trust in America)

    • Strategic Alliances
    • Strategic Execution
    • Supply Chain Innovation
    • Value Creation & Maximization



One of the reasons for Robert’s popularity as a speaker is his ability to engage his audience.

Robert is both a futurist and a historian. His scope ranges widely, integrating some of the best wisdom and thinking of the last 2500 years.

Here are two historical presentations that are intriguing , engaging, and fun.

Foundation of Collaboration

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