Business Strategy, Collaborative Innovation, Strategic Alliances Web Site for Robert :Porter Lynch
Business Strategy, Collaborative Innovation, Strategic Alliances Web Site for Robert :Porter Lynch
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Solutions for Business:
We’ve developed an Eight Point Innovation System designed to address the critical issues which derail most innovation efforts.
Based on our revolutionary “Innovation Architecture,” our solutions address your business needs by putting in place the right systems, strategies, and structures that truly produce Innovation Synergy. We don’t focus on a narrow set of “tools & techniques,” nor do we have a “one size fits all.” Instead we implement powerful strategies & systems.

For your Internal Teams, we provide a range of services that will empower your people to generate continous streams of profitable innovation

Silicon Valley Innovation Institute

Innovation Solutions & Services

Innovation, for any organization, is the primary process that generates new sources of growth and the basis of true sustainable competitive advantage. Innovation must be cultivated, supported, managed for, and screened for its top and bottom line potentials.

Our Value Proposition

    We work with our clients through a well developed and tested Innovation Architectureto:

  • Exponentially increase your flow of innovation
  • Significantly improve both top and bottom line results
  • Create substantial and sustainable competitive advantage


SVII is dedicated to work with our clients in a systematic way to create, build and customize your innovation system based on a powerful framework of Diagnostics, Services, and Solutions:

  • Review your existing innovation system and processes with the objective of identifying their impact, effectiveness and opportunities
  • Build essential capabilities
  • Design a climate and culture which enables and supports the systematic internal generation of profitable innovations
  • Strengthen relations with your customer base to significantly increase the inflow of customer based innovations
  • Develop relationships with key suppliers increasing the inflow of supplier recommended and co-developed innovations
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Craft a system of metrics and rewards enabling the flow of profitable innovations
  • Create a Center of Innovation within your organization

We encourage you to schedule a conversation with our team to discuss how SVII can help you become a World Class Center of Innovation.

Please contact: Howard Lieberman or Robert Porter Lynch to schedule an appointment.

See our White Paper on Innovation Architecture.

IEveryone has the spark of creativity in them. It is the job of the leader to inspire and release that spark." -- Paul Sloane, in 'The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills'

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